Sunday, March 25, 2012

Save the Baby

Save the Baby is a HARDCORE RASH GAME. Your baby is reward, it's very hard to win!

Evil Clown stole your little baby on the birthday and wants to play a game with you. Winner takes the baby. Rules are simple. You have 1 minute to win $1,000,000 or you will miss your baby forever. 

To Save the Baby:
  • Follow game hints to learn how to save your little baby from the Evil
  • Click the button to earn money, but be carefull! You do not have a lot of time
  • Make combos to earn extra money and bonuses by clicking the dollar sign fast several times while the price indicator is yellow or red
  • Pick up extra bonuses to increase your time limit and get more chances to win
  • Avoid picking up negative bonuses that descreases your time limit, money or even kills you!
  • Feel lucky to get a secret bonus to please your child
  • Save your baby from the Evil, see your detailed game stats and share your score with your friends
If you have problems with sound effects or game crashes on your device, please let me kwow. Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

Download Save the Baby from Google Play.


  1. Update was released. Enjoy playing Save the Baby!

  2. Game difficulty greatly reduced! Save the Baby right now!

  3. PRO Version of Save the Baby is just relased!
    Even more hardcore gameplay for professional baby savers!