Saturday, January 16, 2016

True Phone Dialer & Contacts - the best dialer and contact manager for Android

True Phone has arrived to replace your stock dialer & contacts app and bring your dialing experience to the next level! It's the only one dialer app with full contact management support available for Android!

Highly customizable, but easy-to-use, True Phone provides you very convenient way to quickly access your recent calls, contacts, favorites and groups. It comes with the idea to get rid of unnecessary elements to save space for content, and make daily usage extremely easy with just-one-hand navigation.

True phone works faster than any other dialer, provides tons of unique features and also includes in-build theme customization options. Try it now for free!

True Phone offical web site is here

Best T9 dialer, ever
Fast T9 search in your recent calls and contacts, Smart recent calls grouping, Multiple language support, Clean and convenient navigation, Modern and customizable design, Themes support, Extended Dual SIM support and More!
Powerful contact manager 
View and edit your contacts in one place,  Easily create new contacts on specific account, Keep your contacts organized well with extremely powerful suggestion, View desired contact information, Easily link your similar contacts, Import / export contacts from one place to another, Share contacts as text or vCard, Create and edit contact groups, Organize your favorites, Easily access functions you need right now
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Tree HD - Get your Android ready for Christmas!

Get your Android ready for Christmas! Decorate your own beautiful Christmas Tree and enjoy your creation every time you use your device! Wish your friends and family Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree HD - Featured on Google Play

Christmas Tree HD is an interactive live wallpaper with countdown to Christmas and New Year, which also allows you to decorate Christmas Trees and send postcards! Featuring true 3D graphics, stunning lighting, shining and glow effects, beautiful decor, presents and stars, cinematic camera, gyroscope support and really much more!

  • Interactive decoration mode
  • Postcard creation mode
  • Live wallpaper
  • Daydream support
  • Fir-trees and pines for every taste
  • Predefined themes
  • Fantastic colors
  • Stunning visuals
  • Cinematic effects
  • Sensors support
  • More features inside!
Merry Christmas!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weather Screen: Live Wallpaper & Widgets!

Weather Screen animates current weather, time of day and season on ANY custom background!

Based on an original idea, Weather Screen featuring stunning weather animations, easy-to-setup and beautiful widgets, automatic time of day and season corrections, cool color effects, photo filters and color animations, special panoramic 3D mode and really much more!

All effects and animations could be applied to ANY image from your gallery, whether it is a real photo or your favorite wallpaper. Full HD ready, no quality loss!

  • Current or custom weather animations
  • Any background from your gallery
  • Animated sun, moon, rain, snow, stars, clouds, lightning, fog and frost
  • Stunning weather effects like raindrops or snowflakes on screen
  • Time of day, seasons and color animations
  • Beautiful Clock & Weather widget
  • Cool color effects and photo filters like winter, spring, summer, autumn, sepia, b&w and neon
  • Manual control of brightness, contrast, saturation and hue
  • Embedded image gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Special 3D panoramic mode
  • Easy-to-use settings with interactive preview
  • More features inside! 

Available in Google Play

Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper

Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper displays your spherical photos or any spherical images as your current wallpaper on your phone and tablet. You may choose image from the gallery or from additional image packs available for purchase. One image pack available for free.

Key features:
  • Free horizontal and vertical rotation
  • Sensors support
  • Slideshow
  • Various camera modes
  • Cinematic effects
  • Color adjustments
  • Automatic daytime
  • And more!
Your photos will not be distorted. Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper displays them in original high quality and is Full HD ready.

Available in Google Play

Friday, March 29, 2013

Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper

Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper displays your favorite photos, wallpapers and images in full screen. Enjoy your gallery albums every time you use your device, or whenever you want to watch your new photos.

You can use Slideshow HD Live Wallpaper both as live wallpaper and regular app. You can customize slideshow modes, timings, in/out transition effects, transition time, order and more! You can apply color corrections to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of your photos. You can even use a special daytime feature to simulate automatic daytime (Google Location Service must be enabled).

Available in Google Play

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pocket Bear HD - true animated bear in your pocket!

Pocket Bear HD is an interactive live wallpaper featuring true animated bear in beautiful native environments, including forest, cave and north pole.

Touch the bear to make hime angry! Shake your device to make the bear shake off!
Take care of the bear, he is now yours!

Pocket Bear Free - Featured

Available in Google Play

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Christmas Tree 3D - decorate, share, enjoy!

My Christmas Tree 3D - Featured

Featured christmas android app:
  • Firtrees and pines of any kind
  • Christmas balls and strobiles
  • Gifts and presents
  • Bethlehem and Moravian stars
  • Postcards (for your friends and family)
  • Social sharing (facebook, twitter, instagram and so on)
  • Save/Load options
  • [Premium] Live Wallpaper
  • [Premium] Unlimited Colors (blue, violet, red, gold, white and more!)
Available in Google Play