Monday, June 24, 2013

Weather Screen: Live Wallpaper & Widgets!

Weather Screen animates current weather, time of day and season on ANY custom background!

Based on an original idea, Weather Screen featuring stunning weather animations, easy-to-setup and beautiful widgets, automatic time of day and season corrections, cool color effects, photo filters and color animations, special panoramic 3D mode and really much more!

All effects and animations could be applied to ANY image from your gallery, whether it is a real photo or your favorite wallpaper. Full HD ready, no quality loss!

  • Current or custom weather animations
  • Any background from your gallery
  • Animated sun, moon, rain, snow, stars, clouds, lightning, fog and frost
  • Stunning weather effects like raindrops or snowflakes on screen
  • Time of day, seasons and color animations
  • Beautiful Clock & Weather widget
  • Cool color effects and photo filters like winter, spring, summer, autumn, sepia, b&w and neon
  • Manual control of brightness, contrast, saturation and hue
  • Embedded image gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Special 3D panoramic mode
  • Easy-to-use settings with interactive preview
  • More features inside! 

Available in Google Play


  1. Request to provide Daydream support for this application for android 4.2.2

  2. Невозможно оплатить с мобильного телефона

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. When you close the phone and then he opened no longer gets charged live wallpaper-ul .... the screen remains black..single solution Uninstall and reinstall every time!!!!!

  5. Any chance you may add precipitation on hourly chart?

  6. Any chance you may add precipitation on hourly chart?

  7. Resolveu o problema que fazia fechar quando estava o tempo com raios e tempestades, agora fecha quando está chovendo..

  8. Уважаемые разработчики не пойму что в приложении с анимацией? почему вместо капель дождя на экране где капля дождя упала полоска(и) эффект дождя включен а анимация не каплей стекающей а полоской? хотя это же приложение в смсунге работает и капля красиво стекает по стеклу. и ещё не видит установленные будильники... показывает что их нет телефон Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.

  9. Please update for LG V20,

    CRASH after install

  10. Crash on Sony Xperia X Perfomance (7.0)

  11. You Goonies, thinking to update the program, if not, let people know !!!

  12. Nougat crash! Please update this app!

  13. Hi friend. android installed the program and the program does not work on the seventh version. writes error and black screen. it is possible to adapt the application for android 7. The program is excellent but many have upgraded to android seventh version and the program stopped working.

  14. Great app. Please update the app with support for Android 7. Sony Xperia X (7.0).

  15. Hello! Not running the paid version on Android 7 ! Why no hotfix?

  16. Doesnt work on android 7. Sony xperia z5. Please fix it

  17. Thank you for nougat upgrade! It works!

  18. Despite the latest update, the application does not update itself with weather wunderground data.
    Wrong temperature, false wunderground updates, loss of weather icon ......
    The application was working fine before, unfortunately it is very bad now.
    (ONEPLUS 3)